Orange jump suite

Yesterday morning around 10ish,

was going out to drop my car at the workshop,
as I was waiting for the driver to come down,
I noticed a guy with Orange jump suite,
you know what I mean by that,

he was holding a broom stick, and a carton on the other, sitting on the side walk. resting, as the start working around 5 am everyday.

making our street cleaner, and look nicer from the mess most of us do.

he gave me a look and looked the other way, and he seemed he was looking for another place to sit.

I felt sorry for the guy, hot day it was,
I went in, went to the fridge got me a small cold bottle of water, went back out and called him,
I gave him the water,
you should have seen the look on his eyes.
he needed that water. he was thankful. and I was the happiest man.

This morning as I came out, he was sweeping, and as he saw me, he smiled, and approached me. and said in broken Arabic and English that he cleaned the gardening area, and hopped I didn’t mind. as he will do it every morning.

he was still having the bottle of water I gave him, I asked for it, went inside and refilled it for him, as a thank you token.

I’m not telling you guys this to brag,
no matter a small thing we do it could means the world to others. and you might get something back in return faster then you think.

so what did you do lately???

7 comments on “Orange jump suite

  1. Too many people are guilty of having this implicit prejudice towards certain races, nationalities and workers in our country, and leaves us treating them with such disdain – which devalues their contribution and even existence in our society. The fact you acknowledged his needs must have given him such a great sense of appreciation and value!

    But i agree with your point Majid, even a smile to some people can mean so much 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, and most of all taking the time to read it.

      it’s true a smile would work wonders,

      you just made me smile, how about that ^.^

  2. mind you the avarage salary he would recieve, if he did, would be 500 riyals… such a shame
    PS: i can say from now that i like this platform for your blog better

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