Are you Gay or Bi or Straight guy?

why do people keep asking me if I’m gay, bi or straight ?????
I wonder why is it so damn important for people to know that.
so lets have some fun,

if you are gay and want to date me, I pass I don’t do date any more, I have MANY gay friends so I don’t have problem with gays, they are great fun and GREAT friends. so want to be friends why the hell not adding another sister won’t be a problem ^.^

if you are Bi and want to try it with me, I would pass, but if you are Bi and want a friend sure ^.^

if you are straight why do you even bother asking!!!! again you are welcome as a friend ^.^

I don’t date PERIOD. guys or girls for that matter.

I’m just a guy that happen to like networking ^.^

I love having fun, who ever I end up in bed with is my thing to know and his/her hehehehehe “evil grin” ^.^

so please drop it already.

so to answer your question if I’m Gay or Bi or Straight?

I’m so damn in LOVE with myself ❤
now thats a thought hehehehe

ahhhh, that been said!


By saudimajix Posted in Random

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