Naked while dressed up!

as I enter the government building,

I got stopped by security officer “excuse me sir!”,

“Yes” I reply,

“where you going?” he askes

“I have some document I’m following was sent from Dammam Office.” I said,

“sir! we can’t help you you have to wear Thoub “national dress””

I said “I Came from Dammam, I have been driving for three hours and half”

“sorry sir it’s the rules!”

“I said it’s only matter of minutes, one question with one answer”

“You have to wear thoub, I can’t let you in”

I said “I do have a thoub, it’s in a bag in my car, do you want me to change in the street???!!!”

“………” said the officer


so I went back to my car,

that is parked on the main street,

got my bag out.

got down to my underwear,

people looking while passing by,

but they seem not too surprised

I think it’s normal in Riyadh to see people change in the street

I went back in, as soon i got in he told me 1st floor, went up, was done in 2 minutes.

so what kind of rule is that!

If i was wearing PJ’s i would understand!

If i was wearing my underwear I would understand!

but I was wearing pants, a shirt, and a good jaket, and I looked good!

the funny thing it applies on Saudi’s,

I noticed that the government just like to make it hard on US!

it just don’t make sense at all to me at least

will now i know how it feels to be an exhibitionist ^.^

Ahhhh, that been said!


5 comments on “Naked while dressed up!

    • thank you for your comment man ^.^

      hope you like what you see in the blog do pass by from time to time,

      would love to hear what you think.

      and try next time more then one word ;p

  1. Majid- Hmmm now I know of another reason why my husband always dreads going to the Saudi govt offices. Why didn’t you just take off your jacket and put your thawb over your shirt and pants?

    • it’s more then just wearing the thoub over the pants and shirt.

      from my point of view this rule is STUPID! it is to make it harder on SAUDI’s “the rule applies on Saudi ONLY!, we already get it hard by the faces we see, and the bossing around, and the waste of time of 10 minute work take 2 weeks, that we face at most government offices.

      I got my car stolen, went to report it, I swear to GOD that they didn’t let me in to the police station, I was asked to change >..<

      the rule should be who stinks, wear PJ's, underwear or naked should be turned down and asked to change.

      by the way, thats why the thoub rule came from, few people mess the whole life of the country.

      ahhhh, that been said!

      thank you for your kind comment ^.^


      • You’re welcome. My husband was telling me that if a Saudi doesn’t wear the thawb to a government office that the workers treat them like garbage and as if they don’t exist. And he said be sure that you wear your thawb in the best way because it’s like a profile, meaning they can tell what tribe you’re from and your social status. We both think one of the reasons they implemented this rule might be to distinguish between Saudis and the foreigners who come to the government offices too wallahu alim!

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