Feeling Suicidal?

in the past few weeks,

while reading the newspaper Al-Riyadh and Al-Youm,

I noticed rise in the number of news regarding suicide attempts.

it always made me think at what stage would a person reach to be able to end his/her own life???

A crazy person is a crazy person, but a normal person… what is a normal person?

back to the newspaper it always mention that the person is sick, that been seeing a doctor or stopped taking medication.

I don’t think it’s only sick people that commit suicide, even if the person who committed suicide was not sick, they would say he/she should have seek help… I wonder where????

I my self felt suicidal at a point in my life, two time to be exact.

but I reasoned with my self, suicide does not take pain. it inflicts pain.

I think of people I’ll be leaving behind, what about them? how they are going to feel?

suicide is a selfish act,

no one should commit suicide

suicide is never a solution

we only live once, you have one chance, live your life to the fullest, try everything at least once “except drugs”

seek help…

every hospital now have or SHOULD have a person that can help you.


this was a very scary article, 185% rise in suicide in Saudi Arabia.

please share your inputs, would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

ahhhh, that been said!


new edit:

two days ago, the civil defance save a man before jumping of a building, the man couldn’t get hold of him self when he saw his kids in the crowd below, the officer took the chance and grabed him.

the newspaper said that a man in the crowd came up with the idea, who happen to be a shrink.

the man was saved, right?

i’m thinking of the kids, what and how do they feel now after seeing their own Father trying to jump.

wouldn’t that effect them? they are KIDS.

just a thought.

One comment on “Feeling Suicidal?

  1. Oh,wow! Shocking statistic! Well, okay, I couldn’t read the article ‘cause it’s in Arabic, so I’ll just give my thoughts based on my observation. First of all, I think there is a huge lack of honest communication, especially between kids/young adults and parents. We live in Islamic paradise, remember? And our façade of the perfect child, husband, wife , father, mother, family member is all important. This results in that people have little family/friend support with the very real pressures of contemporary existence. I personally try to keep an open line of communication with my kids. We talk about EVERYTHING! Their friends are always amazed at the things they tell me and how I respond. They’re like, “OMG! I could NEVER say that to my mom!” I find that incredibly sad. Secondly, Saudi society is changing rapidly and mindsets find it difficult to keep up. There is all this guilt that we are abandoning Islam – but yet for many (especially in the younger set) there’s tremendous frustration that Islam is archaic and irrelevant and does not provide an effective code of life in the modern world. FYI – it does – just the archaic and culture specific interpretations don’t. And yes, you’re completely right – suicide is much more painful to those left behind – however, some people commit suicide for that very reason, as a revenge. Well, the fact that this is being talked about in the media is a step in the right direction and one can only hope that the Saudis will begin to effectively confront these very real human issues that all societies face.

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