End of life is death, right?

I was with one of my friends, new friend, we never sat alone, last night we did, we talked about many stuff, soccer, art, music….we ended up talking about Death.

it started while talking about sad songs, and he showed me a video of him with some of his friends it was nice to see, I was wondering why the sad song? he pointed out one of his friends, who is dead now.

this friend of mine is 28 years old, he lost his friends 9 years ago, he was young, they were young.

he told me the first one he lost called him one day before his death, his friend wanted to see him, it’s been three days since they saw each other, he even sent him an SMS telling him i’m waiting for you at xyz place. my friend didn’t go.

the next day, while having dinner with his family the phone rang telling him that a car accident happened late last night, and your friend have died!

my friend didn’t know what to do or what to think!

he can’t believe his friend is dead, his best friend.

they were going to pray on his soul the next day Dhuhor prayer, he couldn’t go, he told me, I was crying so hard, couldn’t go to pray, to bury him. “he is not dead” my friend said “I can’t accept the my friend is dead”. all his friends was there but him.

people were wondering why he didn’t show up, most understood, they knew they were very close, it must been hard on him!

my friend hated him self for not going, but it as already too late! he felt bad.

that day, in the evening my friend and his other friends went to the father of their dead friend to pay respects. there was an old man, who can see all the sad faces, he told them don’t worry and don’t feel sad, your friend died a happy man, because he can hear that you all were there to bury him, he could hear you foot steps,

my friend felt like a dagger was in his heart, he knew that his dead friend know that he didn’t show up. the thought his friend must be wondering where are you???!!!

he felt worse,

that night, he cried like he never did before and never will again, he slept on his wet pillow, in dream world, he saw his friend, his friend was sitting, and next to his friend was the brother of the dead friend, he saw his friend pushing away his own brother and telling him “move so my true friend can sit” my friend told him” I knew you were not dead, but no one believes me” his friend said “I’m here with you, I will always be with you, I’ll never die”

my friend woke up, with tear in his eye, and a smile.

so is death really the end of life????

Ahhhh, that been said!


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