A New Day!

So 2016 is leaving us, it was one hell of year, it seems everyone looks back 2016 as the worst year ever.

It was not all bad, it had few good things about it.

I guess the only reason people think it’s so bad is due to the social media.

Social media was the main medium of getting information, you get it every where and every time. In your home, at the cafe, in bed even while doing natures calls.

We now know more, news travel fast and at that bad travel faster than the good.

We became part of the cycle by sharing these bad news, and I must add not all the bad news was real to begin with, but we tend to be emotional and we almost agree with the content even if you have no clue what it was about and how it all started. Yet we press the share button.

If you don’t know, or not going to do your research to ensure what ever it is to share it, let the cycle stop of spreding.

In the same time do share what you believe in, the good and the bad, I just hope it’s not just blind share.

The year had it good news, it’s out there if we look closely. And only if we wanted to.

Hope this year we would see more of the positive news, more good news ^.^

 Ahhh, that been said!
PS: this was writing in 10 minutes, with out editing, if I didn’t post by then it would never be posted. New year, new rules more posts!


We all lost!

Hundreds are dead and thousands are injured,

I can’t understand how could the Arab media and politics say Palestine won?!

lets see who won in my opinion:

Turkey, publicity with new leader visiting Gaza kids in the hospitals,

Israel bombing buildings and the modest infrastructure in Gaza,

USA used the Gaza coverage and Arab and the world being busy with Gaza and bombed Syria and Iraq, and testing and new weapon over Alaska. who needs permission or UN giving the go ahead, everybody is busy, right?!

ISIS kept killing more than Israel in few days in the name of Islam, makes me wonder what kind of Islam they are preaching!!

I think the concept of winning is misunderstood here in the Arab world!!

the bottom line to me we all lost,

as long there is someone suffering from anyone who is being part of the conflict both are at loss.

no body won anything, NO BODY!

Ahhhh, that been said!


Misleading news headlines!!!

On the 12th of august 2014, news-sa published this

39 years jail and 8000 lashes for youth who celebrated the “Feast of Love”  red candles ..!

when I saw it I was like, what the hell, there must be more to this, so I started reading just to find out that the 39 years in jail is the combination of all jail and lashes sentenced, there were 5 Saudi males and 6 females!

and its as follows:

  • The court sentenced the first defendant 5 years and one thousand lashes in public markets
  •  The second and third 7 years each and 1,500 lashes each in front of the same markets
  • the fourth and fifth for 10 years each and the skin 2000 lashes on 20 batch,
  • And, and the ban of them traveling for a period of 5 years after the end of their sentence.
  • the 6 females turned out to be three sisters, two sisters and a solo female, another judge will handle the case!!!

before I start my rant let me give you an idea of some court ruling in the past for some cases,

  • 13th of April 2011 on sabq, 12 years prison sentence to murderer who ran over his wife to death in front of her work place multiple times.
  • 21 of April 2009 in Riyadh newspaper, Execution of a wife for killing her husband and 15 years in jail for the daughter.
  • 20th of January 2010 on shms, A father killed his 9 year old daughter and found guilty by the court on 11/11/2008 and was sentenced to be executed and his wife “not the girls mother” to 5 years in jail, but after the same court stated that the father was mentally unstable, so changed it to 10 years in jail instead of execution.
  • 21st of April 2009 on Sharq, Found a wife guilty for killing her husband and burning his body and were sentenced to death by shooting her to death.
  • 8th of October 2013 on alolaa, the court found a father killing his 5 year old daughter guilty and was sentenced 8 years in jail and pay 1000000 Saudi Riyal to the mother of the girl.

i find it hard to believe that having a party is equal to killing a human,

I find it even harder to believe that when its a man who commit the killing its jail time, and if it a woman its execution.

to be fare some men has been executed for killing their wives but its not the point I’m trying to make here.

some people might argue that different cases has different stories behind them, if that’s the case then its okay to kill sometime but not okay sometime, and let the court decides who should be punished as you might get lucky!

I’m a person who don’t believe in execution as a form of punishment, no human should ever be killed.

Even god gave us the chance to have mercy on those who hurt us to get a big prize in the afterlife,

these ruling is just outrageous and don’t make sense at all, at least to me.

now the question is what do you think?

Ahhhhh, that been said,


The need to write!

I love writing, its a great tool to express myself,

to write about what goes through my mind, some time its an important topic “at least to me” some time it could be just a silly thing that i felt like sharing.

One of the reasons I stopped writing was fear, fear of what?! i don’t really know, just fear with out explanation, I think right now i’m over that fear, so I shall write again. 

One thing I never considered is who is reading whatever i write?!!

as I try my best to be able to write more as much as I can, most of the time i stop myself and say to myself “who cares what you think” but after months of having this thought on my mind I finally decided, I shall write no matter what.

it might be selfish, but the matter of fact I write for me.

so I shall write,

A lot been going around, and I NEED to write about it, and express my opinion about it.

Ahhhh, that been said,


Save KSA Animals!


Maybe a lot of people believe that the subject of a recent human care of animals grew up in the west.,

But the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, urged on good treatment of animals for more than 1,400 years and told that hell is the penalty of animal torture or killing them for no reason.

Many of you may know the story of the woman who held a kitten captive, and she would go to hell due to the kitten death.
In the hadeeth narrated by sheikhs from Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with them

(Woman who tortured a cat by holding it captive up until the cat died and entered hell, the woman didn’t feed or at least let the cat go to find its on food the earth)

As in that story an animal was the cause of the woman going to hell here is another story of a man going to heaven as the Prophet narrated this story

(While a man walking a route intensified by thirst and found awell, which he went down and drank and when he went out, there was a dog panting of thirst and was licking the wet mud, the man said: I have been thirsty like dog, so he went down back to the well and fill his shoe and held it for the dog to drink, then he  thanked God, and God forgave him) Narrated by sheikhs from Abu Hurayrah

There is another incident of the Prophet Muhammad in the conquest of Mecca
while the Muslims were trying to find new roads not known to reach Mecca to enter Mecca with out a fight or shed of blood, they found on a road a dog giving birth.
Ordered the Holy Prophet to change the rout of the army (although what it might entail risk) as not to scare or frightn the dog while giving birth.

there are many Hadeeth that state not to harm, abuse or kill animals

the reason of this blog came from some disturbing news here in the kingdom of neutering cats and leaving them fr there death link

with the help of friends e started Save KSA Animals on Facebook and Twitter, plea join us to stop such cruelty and abuse.

if you want to be part of it to take more active role email us on saveksaanimals@gmail.com 

we could use as much as support as we can


ahhhh, that been said!



Small Business Crack Down!

this has started as an answer to

Saudi crack down on businesses run by foreigners

Posted on June 25, 2013 by American Bedu

most people know that small businesses are the back bone of any economy, the crack down here is actually on the Saudi small business owner.

it starts with impossible requirement issued by each government entity from labor office, passport office, chamber of commerce and the rest of them, each live in there own realm.

as a small business owner let say a restaurant we are asked to have Saudi workers, from WHERE i’m going to find the Saudi worker? to work as a server, cashier, driver or onion cutter that’s the jobs that the restaurant offer, we are asked to register Saudi workers PAY GOSI, LABOR office and the list keep going and going.

a friend owns a barber shop asked to hire Saudi, my question to do WHAT?! its not like there are plenty of Saudi hairdressers who could not find a job!!!

even if i found someone, how much would i pay him in my tiny restaurant income? SR2000 or SR3000, the Saudi mentality would rather stay at home and get SR2000 from the government.

the restaurant workers get SR1000 to SR1200, a specilaist might get up to SR2500 to SR3000, plus RENT, PLUS ALL GOVERNEMNT PAPER WORKS, PLUS ALL UTILITY SERVICES.

no one has a clue of what the small business owners go through,

and for a fact if it wasn’t for thous expats working hard on the small businesses we would be lost with out them, from the person that clans our streets to the Doctor in the hospital.

and then see how they deal with big corporations, AHHHHH don’t let me get started on that.

this would only be good news if WE the Saudi People start actually working, which i don’t see in the near future or far.

I have worked as a waiter in a hotel I was look down as if I committed a crime.


the general idea of the government is great, to promote more Saudis to work or at least give them the chance, but where are those Saudi’s!?

Here we are being brought up with the understanding that we only ask and we get, we expect the government to do everything for us, you need a land they should provide with one, you need money to build that land they should give you that money, you need a job, the should provide with a governmental job,  you go to school for free, at some point paid to do so, and the list keep going.

as you see most are brought up with out the need,  or educated on the meaning the value of money and stuff in our life.

a small comparison:

when we start going to school till the day we finish university here in Saudi we don’t work a single job, only few does but most don’t, some summer jobs where you go the first few days and just go at the end of the month to collect.

in the western world, when in high-school most work part time jobs and are introduced to the working life, introduced to money and the value it has, some want to go to university they have to pay from there hard earned money to do so.

I think if our government would start fixing the education system it will work,

what you my dear reader think?

ahhhh, that been said!


To Divorce is not an easy task!

As some of you may know I have got married on March of 2012, when it was around end of July my ex-Wife asked for a divorce,

I guess it didn’t work, if she doesn’t want me why should I force her, so I started on the journey of getting her divorced,

It was Ramadan last year when we both tried to file for divorce, we found out I had to come after Ramadan.

I did that after Eid, and i had to fill some paper works and had an interview on why I’m filing for divorce.

I said that she doesn’t want this marriage, he said I should wait as she might change her mind, I said her mind is fixed and for that matter mine too.

I was giving an appointment after a month, when I went there month later I was given a paper with yet another appointment to the shaik office.

three weeks later, I was given a lecture how divorce… and given me a 3 to 4 moth to try and reconcile with my Ex. when a person working told me the delay is actually due to the fact I did not say “TALQ” three times, they had hopes that things would work out. I cleared things with the judge and said it that she is TALQ TALQ TALQ.

now i got the final appointment to visit the judge with two witnesses that are not blood related to me to get the divorce paper AT LAST.

when its done, they will contact her father or brother to claim the paper plus ask her if there is anything pending between us.

I was talking to a friend of mine who gone through a divorce, he informed me it took him 2 years, a person at the court told me it been 7 moth for him, he added if there were kids it might take even longer.

when I asked the judge why they would do that, he informed me that 95% of people who come for a divorce we give them a 3 to 4 month appointment never come back, we know by then that they both husband and wife worked things out.

I told him not in my case, the delay caused more issues for the both of us, he said we are sorry but we don’t know that.

so my dear reader what do you think of the court action in regards of delay?

ahhhh, that been said!


Non-Saudi family members working

in a the news the labor office is targeting the increasing of companies hiring the family members of non Saudi  who came to work in Saudi,their family members are not allowed to work its stated in red on there residential permit.

I think its a great idea to actually approve them working as they are in the kingdom already, know the ways of life, traditions and its a great boost to business i think as it would be cheaper to hire,

I wonder why is it such always a big issue, since we will be getting the workers from outside the kingdom in the first place.

we seem always like to make the harder and more extreme rules in everything not only this case

they are coming with high fines and some time closing businesses due to that fact. and asking the help of the Ministry of Interior, why go so far when it can be as easy of getting a small system to organize that!?

one reason it said it will give a fair chance for Saudi women to get the jobs, my guess if there were to get it in the first place they wouldn’t be hiring non-Saudi’s.

plus, its always about the money, non-Saudi will work for less money and get more work done, a Saudi want more money and less work, before you jump and attack me not all Saudi are like that but most are, i have been there so I know what i’m talking about here.

I think its a great approach to have them work in the first place rather than not, tell me what you guys think?


ahhhh, that been said!



Challenging Myself!

i’m not going to start with the usual its been a while since i wrote anything…I guess i just did.


in the past months a lot has gone in my life,

moved from Khobar to Riyadh,

got a new job,

got married and divorced,

started a film production company with friends,

so yeah i have been busy,


as the topic say i’m challenging myself to go to the basic of writing a blog, and share my expriances and stuff that happens in my life or around me, most of you might not agree ith my ideas or thought, and i’m not here to teach you or tell you how to run your life, all i hope for is a comment or two, a person smiling while reading something i wrote. so the challenge is for me to write a blog once a week, i wont set a date as i’m not sure it would work in the first place.


so lets see how this will go,


ahhhh, that been said!



WITN 004

its been a while since I wrote about Women In The News,

and today I would share with you some of the news I found all over the internet,

but insted of empowering woemn, I would share thing that I find Unbelievable!!!

1. Woman call the Police and tell them she just killed her Mother and Brother click here

but she didn’t really kill them, she did that to stop her step brothers from marrying by force to a man she don’t want, they actually forged paper works by taking another women to act she is her to pass the medical test required before marriage!!! the police took the brothers into custody and handed them to the commission of Family disputes!!!

I wonder how is her life right now!!! and what punishment did the brothers get for forging documentation!!

yeah right, she is a woman!!! she has no right!!!

2. Saudi women are cheap now, you can have one for quitting smoking!!! click here

a follow blogger wrote about a new stunt, by selling Saudi women as she stated in her blog, to any man who would quit smoking!!!


3. Only in Saudi a grown up woman would still need the permission of guardian to do anything!!! click here

Women in Saudi complain and just had it, since they can’t do anything with what they own with out the permission of a guardian, it has to be a family member a father, a brother, a husband or a son!!! now its not only government ask for that, even private sectors, if a woman wanted to study she need a permission!!! A 50 year old woman, can’t finish here papers at a governmrnt office, she has a Saudi ID with her photo, and she does not cover her face yet still asked to get someone who happen to be male to identify her!!!

as I said, ONLY IN SAUDI!!!

4. it was a night ful of action!!! click here

at a social gathering in Baha, Saouth of saudi arabia, few CPVPV with a woman!!! “yep its okay for them to work with women in the name of GOD!!!” asked Ms.Sua’ad Al-Mana’a to step down and not sit with the men, but after few moments they just left since no one did what they want!!!

I find interesting for women to work with CPVPV!!!!   halal for them, Haram for us.

thats it for now,

Ahhhh, that been said!